#720 – maintain form

I began my fitness journey through Crossfit, as many people in this age do, before settling into workouts I actually found enjoyable and was able to maintain. Getting the form right was serious business to my instructors, and has since mattered a me as well. Weightlifters are generally not big fans of cardio, but I do run a lot nowadays because it's just easier for me to see results in the small window of time I have to exercise. Oh but I miss those leisurely 2-hour lifting nights. Anyway, that's the post.

2 thoughts on “#720 – maintain form

  1. Ironically, every time I try to do strengthening exercises, I end up injured.

    1. Gotta start slow! It's easy to hurt yourself when first starting with weight training, as you don't know your limits yet, and your body isn't used to it.

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