#719 – glue

I adore the colors on this page - one of my favorites from Sloane.

Eve touches on something I think about a lot now that I'm settled and my husband has taken over a lot of social duties that I just never wanted to do. A single person is supreme overseer of those duties, and neglects them at their own peril. For many - and increasingly as we age - meeting the right person is a numbers game. The single and looking person must inevitably keep a stream of new relations in their lives if they ever want their lottery ball to come up. This means pushing through the fear of rejection, unbelonging, the fear of looking vulnerable, to find the next possibility.

These things still hurt. It's pure idiocy to walk into them. But I love to look back at those idiotic times and see their result.

10 thoughts on “#719 – glue

  1. Well said. Now that I'm married, I want NOTHING to do with getting back in the dating pool.

    1. That water is deep and filled with sharks.

      1. And mines. Don't forget the mines.

        1. And water.

      2. On first read I thought @bryanew710 said, "And MIMES", and I was like YESSSSSS. Mines is of course a more fitting metaphor. But mimes are IRRITATING

    2. There's a certain excitement to it. I get it, I'm excited for the excitement to no longer be a variable, but that doesn't mean it isn't exciting.

  2. I appreciate the irony of this posting on Valentine's Day.

  3. Actually, whether single or double or whatever, as you get older and older a social life of any kind becomes more difficult to maintain. This is not always apparent as you move into middle age, but then as your children move out to lives of their own and your peers change their jobs or move away or mutate into unrecognizable form or just ghost off, your social life becomes increasingly the product of deliberate and continuous effort, and good glue can be pretty hard to find.

    1. Plus, your standards go up, which means you keep fewer connections. That's a good thing (no more drama queens, leeches, abusers, liars, flakes thank you) but means you have fewer options.

  4. The irony of Hanna not being sure if she wants to talk to Eve's Childhood friend about exercising, because they're not enough "glue", is killing me.

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