#704 + 705 – good bye

The Witch Motha Fuckin LIVES This was a busy and manic time for me. I'll expand on that soon, but suffice to say my brainscape was VERY chaotic. Stressful indulgences stuck to me like glue, and I spent a lot of time angry about things that didn't matter. And so I explored this particular kind of unhappiness through Hanna, drawing on obsessive tendencies I've tried to manage my whole life. Let's begin...

6 thoughts on “#704 + 705 – good bye

  1. YAAAY!

    This is the storyline I use to hook people on OP. I'm ready for feeeeelliiiiiiings!

  2. My absolute favourite storyline in OP.

  3. Eve is handling this so well

  4. i love hanna thompson. what a character. what a perfect, beautiful portrait of a new york city indie artist. indie baker, indie rocker, indie cartoonist: it takes the same kind of courage. courage bordering on craziness.

    this was really the low point for her, and it was a long time coming. by the time this arc ends, she's on the upswing. and she did it the only way an independent can — dragging herself out of the swamp of her own ill will, one painful step at a time.

  5. This is very likely my favourite story in the series. Just a few months ago, I was reading it and remembering how much like Hanna I once was, how easy it could be to inhabit that misdirected grief, and how there's still someone worthy of love and understanding despite all the things a person does to get by. I am very grateful for the next run of pages.

    1. Well said, also my favorite arc.

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