#695 + 696 – reminder: work

There's definitely a sense that Eve is alone in this page, even as Will comfortably rests a hand on her naked boob. A carefully set reminder suggests she knew exactly how her night would go. This is all routine. It's almost as if the specific person next to her doesn't matter, apart from a small bit of tenderness she shows him right before leaving.

Will in turn goes about his own routine, decidedly alone. Has anything changed at all? Does he feel any different than the day before? He isn't shameful, yet there's nothing to celebrate.

5 thoughts on “#695 + 696 – reminder: work

  1. Will has an excellent shirt here.

  2. I always took this page as quietly hopeful, a small but real feeling of true happiness welling inside them. Will looks quietly joyful to me, on this page. It's amazing the way we all see things so differently. It's been wonderful reading these thoughts on your past works, thank you for sharing with us! I can't wait for the rest.

  3. I always read panel 2 as Eve laughing hysterically at something, until I read the text.

  4. realllly wanted to buy that second page when you were selling your inks, but I think a lot of people were looking to grab it too. I hope it's on display somewhere nice!

  5. God this arc so heartbreaking but in a really sweet and innocent way. Just the kind of blind grasping at one another they do here, briefly holding hands from their own dark places, unable to pull the other out. The shit experience Will has in the beginning with Eve calling him out of the blue and asking to hang out like a middle schooler asking out their crush, it just kinda hits this lonely kid part of me.

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