#677 + 678 – what’s different now

Hah this page and the ones following really give me a feeling. It's hard to describe - I find this story very sad, or if not sad, then joyless. There's a denial that underlies all of it. Maybe the saddest part to me is that Will is in search of the truth right now, and Eve is looking for comfort. We're learning here that they don't know each other as well as we know each of them, and neither of them are in a particularly good place to know the other.

7 thoughts on “#677 + 678 – what’s different now

  1. this is one of my favorite comics in the run—the feelings here are so good and potent and so super REAL

  2. panel seven is magnificent

    1. I'm not trying to disagree with you, but I am curious as to why you think so.

      1. Well for one it kinda looks like an "i'm poopin" face, which is super great, but also it's the first goofy/relaxed panel after a long string of intense pages. Just a nice cute catharsis panel between stories

    2. Will's leg automatically assuming the "casual lounge" position at the sound of Eve's voice, even as his conscious mind only has things ~30% together.

  3. Eve was the one who went and checked up on him after he and Marigold broke up so that definitely stuck with him. And I'm pretty sure the last time they interacted was when they kissed while Eve was in a Santa suit. Even if neither of them are in a particularly good place, it sort of makes sense for them to do some searching around their mutual attraction for each other.

  4. Originally this storyline read as awkward and forced to me. I wasn't entirely sure why they were hooking up. On a re-read it seems more obvious that they're awkwardly forcing themselves into this situation, leaving huge amounts of words unsaid, only saying what they think the other wants to hear, just to get a scrap of what they think they need.

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