#618 – walk you to the train

All right dudes, the summer's over and I'm BACK! Whether you like it or not. NEW STORY! NEW STUFF!! Did you know: for a limited time you can get a cool looking print of any single Octopus Pie page? It's true, why would I make that up? Just go here for details.

42 thoughts on “#618 – walk you to the train

  1. Does Eve get attached too easily?

    1. Nah, she just wanna' fuck. Girl's got needs.

    2. Nah, dude. She's just polite. It always felt weird having guests and not walking them to the train

  2. Dream real estate salesman… is that you?

  3. I like the new font! And Eve's face in the 8th panel is great.

    1. this new font makes me think of hangovers.

    2. The new font looks like Meredith lettering by hand again.

  4. fuh-reaking love Eve in panel five and love love love that you are back!

    1. oops, meant panel eight. damn.

  5. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve 🙁 why with people who ain’t polite enough to wait for you to be polite 🙁

  6. Panel 8 is best panel.

  7. Eve, are you about to spend an entire story arc convincing a drunk fling he wasn't a drunk fling? Are you about to get to know a lot about him and realize it should stay a fling? Stay in bed Eve.

    1. you can have a fling and still walk them to the damn train, especially if you live somewhere in brooklyn off the 3 train

  8. Broken window. Poor Eve.

    1. Broken? No, that's just the skyline outside.

      1. I think Ian meant in the top three panels: That's clearly glass that's spiderwebbed from a break. In fact, I'm tempted to say it's a broken smartphone screen (see panel 4).

        1. Huh, missed that. On reflection, I'd say it's the dream fracturing as she wakes up.

    2. I believe that is the proverbial "crack of dawn" amirite?

      1. Not sure which is more apropos: A high-five or a cuff to the head.
        Eh, what the heck. High-five!

  9. Reason #1 for Reading OP: Eve's face.
    Reason #2: Everything else.

  10. Welcome back! Can't wait to see what this story line will bring.

  11. Morning has broken….

  12. I think the first three panels were a symbol of the slight creaking the guy was making getting up and getting dressed. Clearly he was trying to sneak out. She heard him as the creaks got a little louder… or maybe it was a symbol of the breaking of Eve's pristine image. She didn't smoke pot (at least not in the first many many comics) and suddenly she's smoking at a party. She didn't just 'hook up' with people, and yet she's clearly done so twice in the recent story arcs…. okay now I need my coffee. That's too much for me this early.

    1. No, I agree. I'd add to that though, that it's REALLY representing Eve's sleep being interrupted, her dream shattering into wakefulness by this guy's creaking around.

  13. Yeah, I felt the same way about the cracked glass, that it was Eve's sleep being disturbed. This dude doesn't even seem like Eve's usual type :/

  14. At least it's not the G train.

  15. Dreamy blonde hunk with superman hair… Must be a dream.

  16. Am I the only one that thinks the splintering represents reality fracturing and this is a strange alternate universe??

  17. Maybe the cracking is on Eve's phone on the floor as the guy steps on it.

    1. Yes, and he's trying to escape before she finds out!

      Meanwhile, Eve, noticing the smashed phone in her peripheral, is eager to walk him to the train station where she will pound on him.

      1. Actually no… it's his phone I think? Just looking at the last panel again. The things you see when you re-read!

  18. But…but–there are no stars in Brooklyn.

  19. Eve has been really depressing for like… a long time now…


    1. I'm pretty sure if you had to define "the most perfect thing ever made ever" you would get Octopus Pie.

  21. The not-quite-awake facial expressions in this are so dead on.

    Excited for new story times!

  22. From the progression between panels 1-4, it looks kinda like… he stepped on her phone. And broke the screen. :C Especially given the position of his foot compared to the phone in panel 4.

    Although the interpretation of dawn breaking/Eve waking up may still apply. This comic, it has ~*~layers~*~

  23. A reference to the crack of dawn?

  24. I vote BOTH.
    Eves Night/sleep ends with the sound of her Phone being stepped on

  25. Or is a visual Pun for eve being cracked out

  26. Is the change in font just for this chapter or a new thing? It stresses me out. Like not in a bad way. This chapter just seems a lot sharper and more unstable than the last ones. I'm into it

  27. lol, In the first look i thought that someone stole his precious watch while he was sleeping 🙂

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