#613 – this is nothing, this is everything

When posted, this comic sparked a debate in the comments about what WAS the most important. It really depends on who you ask, but I think the question is kind of moot. You'll long for whichever one wasn't a priority, right? At a certain point the relationships lock in, the job locks in, and changing either abruptly becomes very hard. Taking any risk at all becomes very hard. We lock into ourselves. And that frantic need to collect and be transient hopefully fades away to contentment. Right? But that doesn't line up with the current reality. The internet is a 3rd person in the room, scrutinizing the content of our character, and by extension our communities and career prospects - things we may lose at any time. It behooves us to continue evolving to meet the expectations of the 3rd person. We're forever in a transient state where there can be no reflection, no solid ground, no locking in. Nothing reliable, short of anxiety itself.

3 thoughts on “#613 – this is nothing, this is everything

  1. The way you describe the internet in your commentary is something I've never considered but is painfully accurate.


  3. That's an interesting statement. Lately I have been thinking that we are passing through a cultural or political cusp. I thought I knew what was going on generally between, say, 1960 and a few years ago, and then I couldn't understand what a lot of people were saying, especially the younger ones; I was sensing some kind of shift. The last big cusp was between the late 1950s (Howl, etc.) and Dealey Plaza, and then a kind of echo when Reagan was elected — the (Boomer) 'revolt against the poor'. The comic above, a successful journalist lamenting that he can no longer live the true boho life — one heard that a lot — now does seem a bit retro; the ground must be shifting. 'Something is happening but you don't know what it is….' as an ancient bard sang.

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