#612 – a successful night

Well I'd say Eve's dislike for CAH aged well. There's a lot of little payoffs happening on this page - Eve in a rare bit of weed euphoria that embarrasses Hanna, Mar running off with the photographer (and Sean noticing), the last male prospects for Eve lingering as long as possible. With the hissing record player I think I had The Basement Tapes on my mind, the kind of after-party atmosphere where hazy thoughts and regrets form.

7 thoughts on “#612 – a successful night

  1. Is this the first time we've seen Eve have positive feelings about getting high? The last I remember her interacting with weed was cutting things off with Will for being a dealer, and then getting high and talking to a cop as the penalty for the nerds losing to the stoners in laser tag. I assumed some sort of dumb overwrought soul-searching happened off panel between then and now 🙂

    1. Eve never* learns, so paradoxically a good trip was bound to happen at some point.

      * ? What never? Well hardly ever. ?

    2. I always saw this point of the comic (this and the previous storyline where Eve tells Will “Hanna doesn’t know how good she has it”) as one where Eve and Hanna have started to switch places. Hanna growing cynical, Eve mellowing out. It feels like a natural development for both characters.

  2. I wonder if this was also the beginning of Hanna not getting high as often due to Marek graduating soon.

  3. Also, I get the feeling that she's trying to be a bit extra… I don't know… quirky? (I don't think that's right but it's the best I've got rn) for Mr. Journalist.

  4. Haha thanks for pointing to Sean's face, I had not noticed it all this time.

  5. "Everyone GTFO" is the best way to end a social gathering.

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