#592 – an unwritable novel

Again, I'm always wishing I'd had more time to show the ups and downs of Will's relationship with Aimee, without having to just summarize it. Later on, it's hard to see exactly what Will walked away from, and I kind of regret that. But pages like this do suggest that he was mostly alone, that he knew it, and was accepting of it, at least for the time being. That's seemingly more than Hanna can say.

7 thoughts on “#592 – an unwritable novel

  1. Eve, low-key sleeping through a conversation she'd for sure be interested in hearing

  2. This is meant to show in hindsight how very little self-awareness Hannah has, right? Because she's the one fooling herself the hardest which left her bitter and broken when the expected inevitability happened. If she had been as introspective as Will is being right now (which is not that much, anyway) instead of her usual "living in the moment" it may have not hit her so hard.

  3. He certainly has that cat's undivided attention.

    1. Manuel, as ever, doing the symbolic heavy lifting by surviving on crumbs!

  4. Ha, the original comments are good on this one.

  5. Actually Marek's drifting away caught me as unawares as it did Hanna….. I always thought they were solid enough to weather their different directions, as I guess she did too.

    I've made the same mistake myself…

  6. "You want the concept without the details. An unwritable novel" stuck onto me the moment I read them in 2013 and never let go. There's so much OP dialogue that I think about all the time but that phrasing in particular hit me hard. Always will.

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