#575 – man, forget it

More than once an in-joke between me and my friends crept into this comic. Hanna dismissing everything as dead was a pretty hot one at the time. The joke about everyone on the subway phone-checking as soon as they were above-ground a) didn't read, and b) is obsolete now that there's reception everywhere. Oh well.

12 thoughts on “#575 – man, forget it

  1. Ohhh! I didn't realize they were all underground but now I get it! For what it's worth, it's a very funny joke, even though it didn't read.

    1. I agree, it is funny, even though I'm not familiar with subways. To me, it was funny because it perfectly captured the pregnant pause after people settle down into their space and then in a few seconds everyone grabs their phone.

  2. I've always loved the timing of the phone joke on this page!

  3. The phone thing was actually one of my favourite panels on octopuspie! I never had any trouble reading it. But then I am from London and we only have WiFi at the stations still so maybe that it why

  4. I still can't get service on Bart when it goes underwater

    1. Yes, same thing! It definitely still reads in the bay area.

  5. There it is- panel #2, a crotchety, isolated, wall-eyed Hanna, my favorite drawing of her.

    I still instinctively don't use my phone after years of conditioning having no signal underground, but even at the time it read pretty instantly to me for that reason, haha.

  6. Yeah, I didn’t get it at first but since I did I think of it every single time I’m in a tunnel on the El

  7. It definitely reads.

  8. I think it reads well and still reads well for Toronto!

  9. It still reads (and reads well) here in Toronto where we still don’t have signal underground!!

  10. The joke hit for me now, even though it didn't originally! I'd never lived in a place with this situation (or trains) before this year, but now it's a part of the regular commute.

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