#535 – the biggest changes

Next time anyone sees me I'll be in Toronto for TCAF! I've been looking forward to this so hard. See some of you fine people there! Look for me on the 2nd floor, with all the Topatoco folks.

2 thoughts on “#535 – the biggest changes

  1. Will: "I broke up with my girlfriend so that I could date everybody, and everything would always be easy. But it turns out, EVERYTHING STILL ISN'T ALWAYS EASY! And I can't figure out a way to do everything at once, either!! WAAAH, MY LIFE SO HAAAARRRRD"

    Aimee: "OMG you poor tortured soul, you're so deep and insightful, and life has been so hard for you, not getting everything you want all the time!! And that STUBBLE! You're basically Ryan Gosling crossed with the Dalai Llama! LET ME MAKE IT ALL BETTER"

    Uurgh. No wonder it didn't work with Eve. At least SHE has a functioning bullshit detector.

    1. Your Willever tears are delicious!

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