#533 – cool congrats

Whew guys, remember undercuts? That's all I got between the last page and the next.

8 thoughts on “#533 – cool congrats

  1. Proto-mansplaining? Before it became a phenomenon, I mean, as I'm guessing it's always been a thing?

    1. You've guessed… correctly!

  2. I often lose patience with people who drone on about things I already know/definitely don't care about. it's exacerbated if I'm already annoyed about something else. :

  3. Moments of anger at other people telling you how they figured out their life are frequently interspersed with the hopeless feeling that everyone has figured out their life and is not telling you how, because brains are fun.

  4. as someone from ithaca i love to see this representation, thank's

  5. The comic isn’t updating. :<

  6. The trick is to combine your incredulity with genuine amusement. "Dude, are you my long-lost great-uncle or something? You could join Seth Meyers for his 'Back In My Day' bit. You've 'lived all over'–oh my GOD."

    Also, since she was genuinely frustrated and finally had decided to say something, I wish Will had let her say her piece instead of nervously pulling her out of the room.

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