#532 – the usual

I'm having a hard time totally piecing together my aim for this story. But I will try! When I left New York for a few years I really missed a simple deli breakfast. Even now, while the bodegas are still around, it's one of the city's best qualities. But is it pretentious to rave about such things? Especially if you all came from somewhere else? I mean, yes!

4 thoughts on “#532 – the usual

  1. Love me some Larry, but I gotta side with Aimee on this arc; Larry is irritating as shit here. Relishing so hard in being a "New Yorker", just the sheer giggles he gets from being able to flex how "local" he is to an out-of-towner. Bleh I say!

    Carry on with your salt, I have shared mine.

    1. Irony is, it only makes his existence seem so much more bleak because much like his sandwich, there's barely any substance to it.

  2. The New York breakfast sandwich really is a thing of beauty – you can get a good one in New Haven too – but not many other places. It's the rolls; you can't get good hard rolls outside of the region :(. (I say this with great sadness as I live in a city closer to DC now and there are no hard rolls here)

  3. Egg and cheese on toast. Classic Philly lunch truck breakfast. Perfect.

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