#525 – poison

The thing about hipster hate is it was usually reserved for someone who seemed more embedded in the Now than the accuser. God haha, I was so depressed when I drew these. But it wasn't the lowest point I'd be. There would be much more of a decline from here as I went through all the stages to acceptance. It took a year or more. Let's watch them all!

3 thoughts on “#525 – poison

  1. Well. Despite rises and falls, the comic developed well and this storyline was iconic. And at least you sided with taste against mainstream corporate bullshit. That's probably some sort of victory.

  2. Other than drenching and laughing at Park to his face during his meltdown, this is by far Eve’s sickest burn.

  3. I am a new reader and I have come back to this strip in particular multiple times. The timing on the last four panels is awesome and the almost Daffy Duck like expression in the last panel is pitch perfect. He could almost be yelling "RABBIT SEASON!"

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