#524 – my talent

I'm not sure "tech bro" was in the popular language yet, but there was a definitely a sense of this guy. A greedy bastard who wanted it all: the money and power, obviously, but also - most arrogantly - the social capital for his eclectic knowledge and interests. All of which he collected from blogs, magazines, and a delayed cultural osmosis. I think the Rick and Morty episode where Morty becomes a little sociopath who listens to 1 new random song every day did a great job of summing up this pathology.

8 thoughts on “#524 – my talent

  1. I'm at least five years behind popular musical taste at any given time.

    1. I'm constantly falling further behind and my music never qualified as popular in Japan. I still go for anime songs from the 200X's.

  2. One of my favorite eve faces here!! she's so cute in that second-to-last panel!!

  3. Lagging behind was more forgivable before the Internet, right?


    1. it was inevitable. but now you're talking pre-1995 or so

  4. I’m impressed by Eve’s ability to not smirk in panel 7. She’d been holding it in for two panels by then.

  5. I know this is stupidly overthinking it, but what the hell… this comic originally came out March 16, 2012. Seven years earlier would be 2005, so I'm guessing Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl. Or since he's a techbro, Drop it Like it's Hot by Snoop Dogg and Pharrel Williams. Or maybe this douche likes Eminem.

  6. Panel five and seven: Eve does a heroic job not smirking with her mouth but I can see it in her eyes.

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