#513 – altercate

The fact that Eve isn't really tied to the chair kind of feeds into the idea that this is all kind of a sex fantasy. I'm really just riffing on what I think my intentions were, haha. In reality I do not know. It's probably just a sight gag I wanted to do.

6 thoughts on “#513 – altercate

  1. This is some prime cartooning right here.

    (Not even a shred of /s, I love it)

  2. Is…is that guy dead?

  3. Wait, so was Eve tied up or did she just free herself..? I see no rope!

    1. She's supposed to still be tied to the chair, which is why she has to carry it out of the scene even though there's no rope, because the comic is momentarily pretending to be an amateur action film or something. At least that's how I understand the joke!

      1. I thought she ran out with the chair to use an an awkward back scratcher for her itch while escaping.

        But yeah, agreed on the amateur action film. This whole arc is plowing through all possible action film tropes, including “arbitrarily freed from hostage situation because fight-guy arrived”

  4. Altercate is one of the greatest sound effects of all time.

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