#506 – 2nd avenue tunnel

heh HEH New York Humor (HEH). The 2nd avenue line has been in development for the better part of a century, due to funding issues. Things are currently underway with the again, but nobody holds their breath for it anymore. Let's use it for something fictional.

7 thoughts on “#506 – 2nd avenue tunnel

  1. eve's back is not faring well in this arc, thinkin that eventually she'll break it by slipping on a stray coffee bean and then be forced into a wheelchair for several years before new medical technology grafts cephalopod cells into her spine which cause her to grow tentacles that enable her to become a world class pastry chef thus earning this comic it's title of Octopus Pie

  2. This comic really does gives off a scott pilgrim vibe.

  3. Ow, my back hurt when Eve smacked on the ground!

  4. nope

  5. The 2nd Avenue Subway! It lives!! It actually happened

  6. Wasn't there something about Eve always landing on her feet like a cat? Did my mind just make that up? I think my mind just made that up.

  7. This is glorious. Like Pie.

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