#482 – know your brooklynites during a hurricane

Y'all probably know there's a hurricane messing things up on the east coast right now. It's affecting some places more than others, but it's got everyone stressed out. Hope it'll be over soon. I've got some time off from work this week so I'll be taking a trip. Watch my Twitter and I'll probably post some fun stuff.

63 thoughts on “#482 – know your brooklynites during a hurricane

  1. Hmm. I fell somewhere between The Complainist and The Snackist!

  2. I should've worn a shirt that said "I'm with Hanna".

  3. Is Hanna using that helmet like a tiny hot box? Or is she just being silly?

    1. moreover, how does she type with those boxing gloves on??

    2. Looks like a tiny hot box to me. Oh, Hanna.

    3. Yessss, awesome. Thank you for explaining this for me.

    4. For the record, motorcycle helmets function extremely well as tiny hot boxes

  4. Eve's face while eating the beans. Just that.

    1. She looks like Richard Nixon!

    2. Why is she eating canned beans? There's no food shortage or anything, but her panel looks like it's happening in a post-apocalyptic lair.

      Eve is the best.

  5. I can relate to Mark's despair.

  6. Hanna, you just gave me a WONDERFUL idea. Time to go hot-box my helmet…

  7. I think the partyists all became the sleepyists, likely including much sharing with the snackyist.

  8. Larry is using the hurricane to get into girls' pants… by saying that after the hurricane, he's afraid he won't be able to get into girls' pants anymore.

    That is both the stupidest and most brilliant thing I've ever seen.

    1. And it's SO Larry! 😀

  9. I'm a cross between the partyist and the sleepyist in most disasters. If I cannot sleep through it then I can at least not be sober.

    What category is Hanna? The…confusionist? Unknowing-ist? I'm not good with the portmanteaus.

    1. The oblivious-ist.

    2. Looks like a partyist to me. 🙂

  10. Neat! Knowing myself, I'm probably a Meteorologist. I'd like to be a Wackyist though.

    But man… Japanese earthquake with accompanying nuclear power plant troubles, uprising in a crapload of countries, starvation in Africa, hurricanes hitting NY… Is it just me or is there a lot of stuff going on this year compared to usual?

    1. It is just you. In that it's you who is causing all of that. Lay off, man, gosh.

  11. I wonder how many more could be put on that list ?

    How about the Workist, who just keeps working no matter what ? "Yeah, yeah, I know, Huricane, flood, end of civilisation as we know it, but I have _deadlines_, you see ?"

    1. The cartoonist: documents everyone else’s reactions in comic form.

    2. You should see what the Workists are like when the cell phones go down. Total mental apocalypse. They clean up *every last thing* in the yard, drive like hell for leather to the hardware store for repair supplies and then start a riot when they find said store can't sell anything until its generators are running. The really desperate ones are found in the back of their pantries with a camplight, using a whiteboard to create the most efficient food cooking schedule. "Brisket's smoked, it can go after the turkey. I'm going to use the canned goods before I cook Larry – Larry can keep fresh longer. Saltines – should I put saltines on a schedule of four crackers per day or three?"

      If you want to watch a Workist go REALLY ballistic, see what happens when the power comes on, but not the internet or phones. Classic!

  12. On Saturday night, as Irene ripped through Richmond VA, my housemates and I resorted to dinner of crackers and beer. We had a LOT of dinner that night.

  13. I fall in between the meteorologist (which I have two college degrees of said profession) and the sleepyist. I slept through three tornadoes and that urks me to no end. Still, that meteorologist guy should be smacked for saying it's "only a category 1." He should be more thrilled that he's experiencing a cat 1 hurricane. All I have is a retired hurricane name.

  14. I knew Meredith would do something good about the hurricane ^^ Yay for another great ration of octopus pie!

    Just one question though: clingwrap??

    1. Are you asking what or why?

      For what: It's that plastic sheeting you use for food.

      For why: I suspect it's to reinforce windows, stop shattered glass from flying about and stop rain from getting on stuff.

      I'm pretty sure there are better alternatives for durability – tarpaulin might work for some parts – and I'd guess you could cut costs by using newspapers or cardboard indoors. But see how happy he is! And that's what's important, after all.

      1. The question was 'why', yeah; because clingwrap doesn't sound like a very effective protection, and I thought "maybe that's the joke". I have no personal experience of hurricanes, but in the news you usually see people boarding up their homes, not using clingwrap. But then, perhaps some people do that too… ¿?


  16. "Clever tweet" -> YES.

  17. This is excellent. Just great stuff. I love how the personalities you create are distinct and believable.

  18. It really bothers me that again and again I find myself relating with Puget Sean Dx

  19. Eve's idea of a "snack" is a can of beans?

    1. Fine Like This…

    2. She's a survivalist gone horribly wrong.

  20. This week I learned that the entire Internet lives in Brooklyn and none of them will stop talking about the weather.

  21. I'm a complainist: The hurricane turned into a sunshine-icane down here in Williamsport PA.

  22. Yessss! Been checkin' to see what you'd say about the hurricane – didn't expect to see a comic and it's spot on! I'm in South Jersey and this could relate 100% to us here too. I was a few of these myself lol. Great stuff! Love it!

  23. Marek's "sleepyist" reaction is my favorite, but Hanna's a close second.

    Not sure which one I'd be, it's been a while since our last hurricane (considering I live in Florida…)

  24. I'm very much a sleepyist in severe weather events. And political events. And media events. And social events. And non-events. And average weekends. And most weekdays. And nights.

    Sod it, I'm going back to bed.

  25. I like this Wackist guy.

  26. Guess I'm a cross between Greg and Marek.

    Also, I got my copy of Listen at Home! It's pretty much as great as I'd hoped! Wish I could'e made it out to the signing, but… yeah. Hurricane panic and all that.

  27. awww, Marigold! i miss her!

  28. Marek is my spirit animal. I slept through the whole thing.

  29. I love Eve's crazy eyes in this one. Hilarious.

  30. Toking in a helmet… is that a thing?

  31. Ha, I was totally Marik when Ike hit Texas a few years back. Of course, I also woke up to no power, and a lot of trees knocked down around the house….

  32. In the pursuit of survival, Will ironically forgot to water his plants.

  33. Where th' BLACK people at? Hmph. I know MY Brooklynites.

    1. fair point! not trying to generalize. It’s just the cast of the comic, which grows quite slowly (but admittedly could be more diverse).

      1. Just off panel in the Wackyist part, America Jones is trying to fight the hurricane.

  34. oh my god will is so adorable in his work shorts!
    he can come sandbag my tub anytime, hehehe <3

  35. I started as a partyist, then segued neatly into a sleepyist.

  36. Oh man. Come down to Maryland, where everyone's a Survivalist. We get effects from hurricanes every year, yet each time people panic like it's never happened before.

    Even worse since the earthquake earlier in the week. People thought it was like a doomsday sign, the end of the world.

    Hmm, guess this makes me a Complainist?

  37. I ate like a pig and slept on and off for 13 hours waiting for the storm to clear Boston, so I totally relate to Marek.

  38. Brilliant. Great take on the hurricane and NY. Love the expressions too.

  39. YAY! It took me may, june, july, and august, but I finaly got caught up with the comic!

  40. You probably won't get a chance to read this, but I really love this story. I have a full time job and I'm busy but I still read all of your comics in 4 days, your characters are so perfect in that they all seem like real people, and they all seem to be evolving, learning, and growing. Bravo, for real.

  41. That "clever tweet" on the complainist makes me laugh every time I see it. It's like the little labels people put on tanks and bags of money and scrolls in political comics, like "NATIONAL DEFICIT" or "TODAY'S NAIVE KIDS."

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