#450 – your explanation

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of this story NEXT WEEK! Oh lordy.

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  1. Panels 7 & 8 are perfection

  2. definitely done that! Oh wait let me explain…. well ok…

    lol awesome

  3. Hilarious. Julie's great.

  4. I'm not sure that I want this to conclude! I– I *like* Jack.

  5. You really know how to string a readership along with cliffhangers thats for sure >_<

  6. Awesome. So cute… Eve and Julie's expressions across the whole bottom strip are priceless. I like the sort of 'faux-roommate' friendship they've got going on in this story. Actually the whole story is kind of university-y (that's college for all you US folks) in a fun, silly 'who likes who' way that's different from octopus pie's usual pace. Good fun.

    1. i went to university in the u.s. – i think it's college if you go to a college, and university if you go to a university there, but you could be right. (p.s. go Rutgers!)

      i don't feel like eve's friendship with julie is genuine either, you're right it's evolved from a 'faux-work' friendship to a 'faux-roommate' one in this story arc. problem with julie is, she's so wrapped up in her crush that whatever it is that might be likable about her gets suppressed. except for maybe with the hipster girl, jane. maybe something will happen with julie and jane, back in the city? that would add a hot lesbo element while keeping strings between eve's world and the guild's…

      can't wait to find out what her evil ristretto crime was!

      1. A university in America is usually a bunch of colleges put together, I figured. Or maybe America uses the word "college" to describe its components. The distinction in various national English dialects confuse me.

    2. Ohh… So a university…is a college. Thanks for clearing that up.

      1. haha. Okay, sorry, yeah that was obvious :-)From: notifications@intensedebatemail.comTo: niborfrompluto@hotmail.comSubject: cryptologic replied to your comment on #450 – your explanation

    3. Colleges in America encompass universities, just fyi. 🙂

      1. I go to a university that encompasses colleges, and it IS in the US…

    4. Yanno, it's called both here. And if we're getting technical, we called places where you can get your Bachelor's, university, and places where you can get your Associate's, college. But we use the terms pretty interchangeably.

      I love subtle jabs at general American intelligence, though.

  7. Love Julie's lack of pupils.

  8. Ooh, new character? I checked, and that tattoo placement must be someone else (or somebody got two Taz tattoos?)

    1. maybe olly is secretly also ex-guild? it makes sense that he would be knocking now…

  9. I wonder which member of the guild is at the door???

  10. Wait…Who has a WRIST Tazmanian Devil tattoo? Jane has it on her neck, Mary Jo has it on her arm…so does sunglasses guy…and Jack had his on his arm? Their boss maybe?

    1. Don't forget eve's Taz on her back. (see the previous strip)

  11. wait is that a taz tattoo on the knockers wrist? is it jack? i'm dying.

    1. Well, Jack's tattoo is on the outer side of his right forearm, near his elbow- pretty much the same place Popeye has his anchor tattoos. Also, the wrist seems too thin. I'd guess Jonathan before I'd guess Jack.

      EDIT: Nevermind, Jonathan has the tattoo on his shoulder blade.

  12. Can't Jack be a long-term character? please please please? I'll take care of him and take him on walks and everything! I promise!

    1. he he he! he must be friends with marek!

    2. me too! times ten!
      pleeeeaaaaassssseeeeee! T_T

  13. but i cant wait that much for a new one!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(

    1. I too am sullying my pants for the next installation.

  14. haha, I love the subversion of misunderstanding tropes here.

    1. ME TOO. The worst plot device ever is: "They had all the information you needed but you just didn't listen. YOU JUST DIDN'T LISTEN." It was one of the more annoying aspects of how to train your dragon for me.

  15. also, the Taz tattoo on the arm in the last panel that I only noticed on my second read.

    1. Yep, had to read it over again before I noticed that detail. Mystery!

  16. Julie is ten pounds of crazy in a five-pound package. Which is awesome. And slightly sad if you piece together her emotions throughout the night… if you think of her emotional state as a roulette table, she just spent the night taking all her chips off of "Pursue Unexpected Feelings Towards Jane?" and putting them on "I Will Marry Jacob And/Or Wear His Skin."

    Hooray for more Taz tats! I'm guessing that this is Jonathan… we haven't seen the inside of his left arm yet. By the way, if you need a quantifiable metric for how awesome this story is, here's one: I have spent about 20 minutes going through each individual strip checking to see which characters have exposed the inside of their left wrist. So put this storyline down for 20 units of unhealthy fixation and counting.

    1. Me,too! And I've been thinking about it at work as well…

      1. I've done the same search and I don't think it's Jonathan. His tattoo is on his right shoulder blade. Second Panel of 442 http://www.octopuspie.com/2011-02-18/442-snobs/

  17. Well, glad that's all settled then.

  18. "Actually, yeah, why don't you explain." This is what we all want characters to say in this situation.

    1. So true.

  19. "Actually, yeah, why don't you explain." is the perfect moment for all of us who become frustrated at every misunderstanding-based storyline.

    In fact, I think this one comic manages to be the antidote for years of frustrating fiction.

    1. If I could rate this comment up twice, I would. Well said.

    2. It's so perfect

  20. Oh-oh O_O Jack's gone off to get the ristretto cops!

  21. Jonathan used a concentration of coffee unbrewable to anyone outside the guild to acid-tattoo Jacob. *Tattoo Theories*

  22. I sort of love and hate Julie all at once. The girl's just 24/7 draMAAAAAAA *jazzy hands*.

  23. Totally priceless. I wish this would happen more often when I have girl-talk drama.

  24. Oh Julie, eternally a day late and a dollar short!

    I'm thinking that, with the end of this arc, Meredith will be relieved to never draw another Taz again…

  25. I think it could be potentially even jacob, just having gotten the tattoo, or maybe the boss of the coffee shop thing.

  26. Conclusion next week? You can't wrap all this up that quick! What about Julie and Jane, are they through, was that all with them? Sadness! And Eve's gotta end up with Jack of Beards, SHE'S CARRYING HIS BABY!

    Oh the drama!

    And before anyone says something stupid about it, I was in fact joking about the baby thing.

    1. I laughed xD

  27. Watch now that Jacob joined the Guild, lol

  28. Haha, I always haaate the "I don't need your explanation!" *slams door* *Rest of the story is HUGE MISUNDERSTANDING because one character is too stubborn to hear the truth ever* so I absolutely love that Julie is doing what most people would do in the situation. XD At least, I know I would. I'm too curious.

  29. Julie in panel seven is a total Jess Fink drawing, I love it.

  30. Love the emotional shifts in the episode.

  31. I'm gonna laugh if it's Jacob.

  32. It must be THE BOSS!

  33. Action Shakespeare

    Holy shit the speed in which that was resolved was incredibly refreshing.

  34. Am I the only one focusing on all the j's??
    Julie, Jane, Jacob, Jonathan…? Does it have a secret meaning? Maybe something I missed out on?


    1. That's what i was thinking! And don't forget Jack (maybe Mary Jo?)
      …it's a conspiracy!!

  35. Let's see. Jacob has been stringing us along and was really a guild member the whole time!

    1. Yeah, that's what I was thinking, too.

  36. Jack must have figured out who Eve is and called the *Guild Police*!

  37. I have a feeling that Jack will go the way of Victor.

    That is, he is too genuine a person to stick around in the strip for long.

  38. This post is just a tease and you know it.
    Ahhh! The suspense!

  39. I love the terrified looks as the door knocks, because I'm genuinely this way. It doesn't matter that it's completed unjustified. One knock and it's "OH GOD WHO'S AT THE DOOR I'M GOING TO DIE HERE."

  40. (Knock-Knock)

    -Who's there?


    -Dez Who?

    -Dez Newmont.

  41. It would make sense if this were Jacob and he always had that tattoo (or have we seen his bare arm before?). His explanation for knowing about the Guild because Eve told him while drunk is too flimsy (apologies to the author if this turns out to be canon!).

    Also I love that this strip is basically a study in Eve facial expressions!

  42. I love Eve's tiny tooth-gap.

  43. Now it's gonna be someone liking Jack on the other side of the door, draaamaaa

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