#435 – spending money

Webcomics On Ice was super fun! Thanks to everyone who came out in the snowy weather!

41 thoughts on “#435 – spending money

  1. Eve vs. the Hipsters!

    1. but eve IS a hipster. at least, she is entirely entrenched in hipster culture already. so is it the internal competition of who can be the most superior, cynical and nonchalant – or a possible drunk hook up?

      1. I'm pretty sure they already beat Eve on the hipster scale, if there was even any competition.

        1. Hipper Hipsters? Sounds like an electronic alt.folk band that used to be good before they sold out. 😀

  2. I hope they end up skating on Lake Champlain.

  3. Eve is still shocked aboout the lack of alcohol. :O

  4. Oh dear lord, I bet I know where this is headed…

    1. Ollys organics crew Vs. coffee shop hipsters, laser tag show down


  5. haha I love how Olly treats them like they are his girls at a amusement park, cracks me up!

  6. This calls for the intervention of: Too Much Coffee Man!

    Or not.

  7. There's a Cafe Grumpy in Brooklyn, but they're actually pretty nice.

    1. I thought of Cafe Grumpy too

  8. Olly is adorable when he's paternal.

  9. Sunglasses looks so much like one of my best friends it's not even funny.

    1. And he's a barista. With an attitude.

      1. Barista With Attitude, Reminds Me Of The Coffee Of Doom, From Questionable Content.

        1. Except it seems that CoD only hires women.

        2. Yeah, Dora Is Sexist Like That, I Think They Only Made An Expect For Martin, But He Declined, If I Recall Correctly.

        3. I'm not trying to be mean to a random person on the internet but God Why Do You Write Like That?

        4. Exactly what I was wondering. And it's Marten.

        5. And Dora wouldn't hire him…

        6. Someone’s ben reading too much MS Paint Adventures! Isn’t That Right, Kanaya – I Mean – Humps?

  10. I bet the baristas brought some liquor. Eve should go make friends.

  11. It was fun! Thank you for chatting and drawing Hannah! And thank Heidi, who kinda stole the show.

  12. Damn, Cafe Blase girl has some nice hair though.

  13. AlmostLiterally

    Olly acts like every different type of uncle there is. <3

  14. new reader- great comic!

  15. The Blase folks look to me like they're mirror images of the Olly folks.

  16. Julie looks rather cute in panel 4…

  17. That better not be America Fucking Jones, Bitch…

    1. That’s who I thought it was!

  18. Don't they all look a little like they're supposed to resemble the comic's main crew?

    The girl COULD be Eve, the one with the beard would be Marreck, etc, etc.

    My thoughts, anyway.

  19. Does anyone not notice those three 'hipsters' look exactly like Hanna, Marek, and Eve?

    Also, if I ever get like Olly where seeing corn pressing is the height of my trip is the day I want to kill myself.

    1. they're obviously the evil versions of them from a mirror universe NOW THEY MUST FIGHT TO THE DEATH

      1. but they don't have goatees!

        1. NOT YET

    2. Well for Olly, it's as close to seeing money being printed as he can get. Remember he sells food for profit, wants to get rich(er)?

  20. "Uhhhh, we don't MAKE iced espressos. Try READING our tumblr next time."

  21. I just hope the corn was cooked before getting pressed into shapes.

  22. i like how much you've grown when it comes to your writing. the introduction of these characters was a lot smoother and even more immersive. in your past comics, you had the good ol' "this is blank, the most blankity blank and this is blank who blanks blank with his blank." now you have a bit more depth into how and why these groups end up interacting.

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