#407 – going downhill fast

Not enough fictional characters don't know the person they're hanging out with. Always funny!!

7 thoughts on “#407 – going downhill fast

  1. Yeah, well Greg doesn’t know who ya’ll are either, Meredith, Hair lady, Angry Boy, Beard Guy… uhh.. Hair Guy?

  2. "She loved being angry" is also my favorite.

    1. It's a very authentic way to mourn Eve. I love it, too.

  3. 'I think I'll go check out the basement myself. Huh, the lights are out. Welp, whatever!'

    This arc had some awesome dialogue.

  4. And nobody says, "call the police"? o.0

  5. For a long time I identified hardcore with the "She loved being angry" line and it was not comfortable.

  6. I'm liking the comic as usual but I just thought I should warn you I got an ad playing sound on this page.

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