#400 – welcome to die

400 comics! Hopefully 400 tiny smiles (or frowns) for you. I sure do love drawing this comic. Come back Monday!

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  1. barcade!

    1. A friend of mine just had his wedding reception there. :O

      1. AJ & Maryann! They had a great reception!

        1. I couldn't be there, but I heard it was swell!

    2. Barcade the best bar in Brooklyn

  2. Thank you very much for 400 comics.

  3. 400 excellent comics. Amazing expression on Eve's face in the fifth panel.

  4. Hahaha

    X-Men!!! Welcome to…



  5. Will turned down her challenge cuz he's just an X-chicken.

  6. Is it sad that I knew what game that was from without the alt-text?

    Also, the alt-text is wrong. The translation was so bad that he actually says "I am Magneto! Master of Magnet!" lol.

    Probably sadder that I know that. :-/

    1. Ya, you shoulda stopped while you were ahead lol.

  7. Hahaha! Last three panels are just priceless!

  8. Cocky Eve is cocky.

  9. And I sure do love to read it.

  10. Aaaah, I do believe I've been waiting all storyline for Will to say just that. 😀

  11. Congratulations! In celebration, I think I'll read them straight through this weekend. Can one man endure such Eve? I guess I'll find out.

  12. Hahahaha, I loved the X-Men reference. Congrats on 400!

  13. Four''undred! Sweets!

    Also, every time Ning tries acting smooth I can't help but laugh. Oh, Ning, you little rascal! 😀


  15. What character does she play as? I was already Nightcrawler.

    Thanks, Meredith for 400 comics! <3

  16. Oop, *always*, not "already".

  17. 400 comics is an amazing milestone, but I can't wait for 401.


  18. Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please let this turn out like I hope it will.

  19. What, with Will and Eve fucking?

    400 great comics. Thanks Mer. And Eve's face in panel 5 is priceless.

  20. A roller rink near where I grew up had the giant X-Men arcade cabinet, with three screens and six controls. If you had enough friends, you could play as the entire team.

    I would give my left arm to find one of those now.

    1. …then how would you play?

      1. I Lol'd.

    2. TWO screens, good sir – was a real Colossus of an arcade cabinet.

      I too had the privilege of rockin' that game as a lil' one. Sigh…

    3. Just play it on MAME (multiple arcade machine emulator)! It plays perfectly, and if you get a version of MAME with Kaillera [sic?] installed, you can then play the game with other people online.

  21. Nice X-Men reference there, Mer.

  22. Eve's description of him is perfect.

    We all know that one guy who does just that.

  23. Thank you so much for 400 amazing comics. We ? you!

  24. Don't know what to say except congratulations and thank you, Meredith, you've brightened my life.

  25. Scowly Eve + happy Eve = CUTE AS FUCK.

    Alls I gots to say.

  26. 400! And I love this strip, Eve barely needed dialogue.

  27. Yay! 400! I love this comic because Hanna's name is spelled the same way as mine, and Eve reminds me of my sister. 🙂

    My prediction: Will tells Ning they can't be friends anymore, because he can't handle the emotions. :p (… what, it hasn't happened to you?)

    1. No, I bet Will pulls a Jess (Gilmore Girls, Season 5 finale).

      1. I hate that I know what that means.

    2. It seems to me that he's just going to talk about how he already regrets living with Larry. That just seems obvious.

  28. happy 400! here's to 400 more! ;D

    I can not get enough of this comic, seriously O.o

  29. Imagining 400 tiny frowns makes me laugh.

    1. Imagining 400 tiny frowns GIVES ME 400 INDIVIDUAL TINY SMILES ON MY FACE.

  30. WOOT 400 COMICS! It had and shall continue to be a pleasure reading them.

  31. God I love this comic.

  32. More like 400 huge smiles! Congrats on the milestone. 😀

  33. oh no, i don't think i can wait until monday. ;_;

  34. happy 400, yo.

  35. Congrats on (and thanks for) 400 installments.

    Anxious to see what Will does now..

  36. Can't wait to see what happens next!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for 400 comics! ?

  37. I like Eve's hair in this one. I think I always like Eve's hair.

    And wow. awkwardness in panel 5-6 is pretty much a fourth of my life is like.

  38. Had to sign up just to say ZOMG Barcade!!!! <3

    I've been reading since the beginning — congrats on 400 and thank you!

  39. Eve's expression in panel five is the perfect blend of dorky and cocky.

    1. I think you are confusing dorky with drunk

  40. Love this comic 😀 The third last panel is one of the most amazing faces anyone has ever made in the history of comics.

  41. holy crap. as soon as I got home, I've read all 400 comics….shit. I have free time! D:

  42. m/

    Ah, the most wonderful place in all of the land!

    That's where I'M going tomorrow night *dook dook dook dook*

  43. haha, with magneto's proclamation, I 1/16th suspect that theyre going to launch into a scott pilgrim style conversation outside. ""VS""

    Heh, doubt it happens in octopus pieland though. Excellent rendering of Brooklyns Finest Barcade.

  44. Octomeme Pie:

    At first I was like Panel 2

    But then, I Panel 3'd

  45. It's all about the Eves.

    Congratulations, M!

  46. Eve. Dat face.


  47. Is that Amiee standing next to Larry at the bar?

    1. No, I think that's Marigold. She's kinda wearing that same outfit since last time we saw her.

      And I have a bad feeling that if Eve turns down Will for some reason he's going to go to Aimee.

    2. I don't think it's Amiee. She does look like her a little, but I couldn't see Aimee wearing what the girl is wearing, even going out.

  48. Just thought I'd let you know – I started reading last night and I managed to finish on the 400th comic. That's pretty cool.

  49. puckernuts, I wish I lived in NY now.

  50. '400 tiny smiles' is a GREAT name for a collection.

  51. Eve's face is my favorite face

  52. Yay Barcade!

    1. I realized the same thing! Albeit several days later, and only after I had spent a good chunk of time thinking about heading in to Brooklyn to visit that lovely establishment.

  53. 400 GIANT smiles for me!

  54. Congrats on 400 comics! Absolutely 400 smiles 🙂

  55. 400 comics = 400 reasons to get through my masters degree!! Somehow Octopus Pie makes it all ok….Thank you Meredith:)

    1. I can relate to that. Comics make it all ok.

  56. Thanks for all 400, Meredith! This is one of my all-time favorite comics. =)

  57. The X-Men arcade game is the best!

  58. I have to say… that's a pretty creepy look for Eve in that fifth panel. Like she just put her rape-face on or something. Haha.

    But I love the expressions all-together… I'm always in awe of the fact that Meredith is so capable of expressing such drastic changes in expression and doing it SO PERFECTLY. I'm envious! Haha.

  59. so instead of working on my online Dreamweaver class or looking for a job i just spent hours, HOURS reading Octopuspie. it was engaging, to say the least. Thank you Meredith.

  60. I spent the last two days reading this comic. And, seriously, Eve's blunt honest made me think about my own life a little. I've been a pretty mad "yes person" for the last couple of years and now, for the first time I'm starting to feel like actually, I don't have to say yes to things and I can start being honest about what I want 🙂 I hope I can write a character that taught me what Eve taught me one day.

    Thankyou for this wonderful comic, and congratulations on the 400th ^_^

  61. YAY 400!! =)



    garrrgghhhh meredittthhh suspense.



  65. OK, I'm an old guy who enjoys webcomics comics and toons.

    Just caught up to the present . . . uhhh. . . Will seems to look like a burned out Ron Stoppable and Hanna resembles Dexter's sister. Or is it just me?

    Yeeeeesh, maybe it's time to go read a big history book or something.

    1. yeeaaahhh *strokes chin* maybe that's why I love mer's style so.

  66. I came back Monday, where were you 🙁 ?

  67. when is the next comic coming is tuesday 🙁

    1. It'll be up Wednesday! I been super busy, sorry!

  68. ARGHH! I've been catching up, reading the whole thing from the beginning, and suddenly I get here and unexpectedly there's no Next Page arrow!!

    – withdrawal!! –

    it's ok, I guess I'll have to wait patiently, like everyone else. I'm sure it will be worth it.


  69. Poor Meredith. See what happens when you spoil us?

    At the risk of being stoned to death (and not in a fun, Hannah-ish way), maybe cut it down to one day a week with three comics? I think I would go bonkers trying to upload a new comic three days a week! ;- P

  70. "Welcome to you doom!" from Altered Beast would have been good. "Beware, I live!" from Sinistar would also have been acceptible.

  71. Playing catch-up! Congrats on 400+ pages of OP! X-Chicken!

  72. I never thought about that, after re-reading this page. The saying, “Welcome to die”, from the video game, could be a type of foreshadowing. I like it. : )

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