#394 – razor blade in my shoe

I'm gonna be at SPX this weekend! See you there, I hope!

43 thoughts on “#394 – razor blade in my shoe

  1. Aimee! I spent a good while trying to remember what chapter she was from. 10 renaissance unfair! I am quite pleased with myself.

    1. yay! thank you for finding out for me 😀

  2. This arc is called "Placebros" but at this rate you might have called it "All My Ex's Live In Brooklyn"

    1. Oh man, you’re right.

  3. Wasn't she pissed at him for beating the crap out of her (probably ex) boyfriend? And now they're all smiles? XD

  4. Nothing but trouble.


  6. how do you randomly find a razor blade in your shoe??!

    1. I thnk Larry spotted Aimee before Wil did, and is giving him the chance to continue on unescorted through a polite ruse…

      1. Place-bro action in, er, action.

        Though I also like thinking he really does have a razor blade in his foot because he’s so blasse about the issue. “Oh, phooey, looks like I gotta get me some quick clot before I pass out. Oh darn shucks and jeeze.”

  7. In New York City you do not question the things you randomly find stuck in your shoes. You do not want to know why they are there.

    1. When you find a razor blade or some needle-ish thing in your shoe, you certainly don't extract it with bare hands! Razors are for cuttin. There will be blood! Other peoples' blood.

    2. Good to know – moving there soon from the UK.

  8. "Did you bring your asshole boyfriend to Brooklyn as well ?"

  9. I don’t think I want to know either: how that razor blade got in there; and what sort of damage it caused. Damn!

    Also, Aimee must be one of the best female names ever, but I digress…

  10. I'll never stop rooting for Eve and Will, no matter what renassiance tramp comes along.

  11. Can someone link to her first appearance? Or her most interesting page? I'm about to go to class and I don't have the time. D:

    1. I live to serve;

      First appearance:

      First major part in story:

      Last appearance (before today, as far as I remember)

      1. Oh man, that was such a good arc! And it’s nice to see how far the artwork’s come since those days – MG, you’re amazing!

        1. Well, keep in mind she intentionally did that storyline by hand just because she liked the aesthetic. It's not like all earlier Octopus Pie had that rough look.

      2. You are a doll. 🙂 <3

  12. The foul temptress returneth!

    You hurt me once, Aimee, it's not going to happen again. I don't care how adorable you are. No. NO.

  13. At least it wasn't a needle! As a kid, I was so paranoid about stepping on one. That doesn't reflect very well on my childhood neighborhood… lol

  14. man will gets all the ladies’ attention. maybe I should grow some stubble. if only I could…

  15. For quoting Aimee Mann, I shall love you forever.

    1. Haha, she looks a bit like Aimee Mann, too.

  16. I’m not sure which is more terrifying: Larry losing the mole on his toe (and potentially the toe itself) to a sidewalk razor blade, or Will looking bemused at the announcement thereof.

    1. Also: Danger, Will LeBlanc!! Danger!! Danger!! *waves arms frantically*

  17. If Octopus Pie were a sitcom (it isn't??), this is the part where the Live Studio Audience would give an ominous "Ooooooooh!"

    1. Also, they'd applaud every time Marek was introduced in an episode, a la Kramer. <3

      1. Great, now I'll be imagining Marek Kramer-sliding through doors and reading his voice in Kramer instead of Jim from Mission Hill.

        1. You say that like it's a bad thing.

  18. Well well well, Mr. LeBlanc, you're collecting quite the harem over in Brooklyn.

  19. Your comics keep me sane. 🙂

  20. Forsooth, begone- foul, sweet-smelling, jasmine perfumed… temptress.

    I'm sorry, what was I saying?

    THIS HAPPENS IN MY LIFE. Notice the mojo Will's working? It's real, oh yes.

    I hope this works out. And without nerf swords or pummeling.

  21. Why are forces conspiring against poor cutiepants Marigold? ;o;

  22. Oh man, Aimee Mann lyrics.

  23. yikes. I've had those moments – in a committed relationship that's comfortable if not terribly exciting and then *bam* hot girl from your past shows up – often single.

    incidentally i'm joining the "overjoyed at having the strip updated regularly again" camp.

  24. razorblade in his shoe. wow.


    AKWARD MOMENTS.you cant avoid them

  25. GO AWAY WOMAN. Will is Eve's. O-O

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