#387 – miss this space

Folks! Do you like hand-made minis? Then I have some hand-made minis for you! I made them with my hands.

These 2 minis come together, and include the two beloved Octopus Pie stories, "Fear" and "Couch Sitter". They're signed too! I'm only making a single run of these, so you'll want to order them now or pick them up at SPX next month! After that they'll be all gone.

38 thoughts on “#387 – miss this space

  1. Why do all of these things come out when I feel I should be more 'responsible' with my money?

  2. Doth Eve protest too much? Well, she did date James- it's not like she's never had a thing for dicks.

    1. precisely. this is the problem of most women – in our stupidity, we go for the guys we KNOW are assholes. this guy wouldn't let her in his cab – and is a total shmuck to her. THEREFORE, she's hot for him.

  3. I agree. It took three for me before I finally wised it, and I realize now it because I genuinely felt that deep down, they viewed me differently than other women. I thought being nice, helping out, just being there for them would suddenly give them an epiphany and realize I was the only one who understood them, and appreciate me for it.

    Of course, I did understand them, but not in a way I was anticipating. Dicks need someone to be a dick to them. It seems only then some antiquated, malfunctioning light bulb pops on in their head, and they feel a vague semblance of respect for that person.

  4. manuel looks so appropriately blasé in the first panel, in a way that only a kitty would.

    also, i hope the minis will still be available until mid september! i want them but all my money is accounted for until then.

  5. So much nostalgia these days

  6. She is SO attracted to him. Assholes are irresistible. It's a truly a terrible thing.

    I'd totally be buying the minis if I had any money to spare…I did go out and buy a copy of the book though, so that counts for something, right?

    1. of course it does! Thanks. 🙂

      1. Heck, I'd go to your garage and help you assemble a thousand for one…. Actually, I'd probably go to your garage and help you assemble just to hang out. 🙂

  7. thanks girls, makin me wish i was a dick.

    1. No kidding. But I dunno if I could ever act like a dick on purpose (though it could happen – by accident – early in the morning, pre-caffeine injestion).

  8. Why does everyone think Eve does actually like him? He's being a jerk to her and she's well aware of that.

    1. Because of the alt-text giving away the fact that she does like him on some level.

  9. Apparently I'm the only girl with sense in the world.

    Either you're all being sarcastic or my opinion of women will have to drop even further.

    Assholes are assholes. There is nothing to like about them.

    I for one believe that Eve is actually thinking that thought in truth, as in "too bad, you'd be attractive if you WEREN'T a dick"

    1. SECOND!!

      1. Here Here!

        1. Actually it's "hear, hear." Apparently it used to be "hear him, hear him."

          I'm a geek for word etymology and don't mean to be rude at all. Obviously I'm late to the party anyway.

        2. Actually in Octopus Pie it's "Hare, Hare" 😀

    2. Thirded, I have too much respect for Eve to think she's going wild about a guy because he's a prick. He does, however, have great hair.

    3. I fourth that!! And I'm sick of hearing how "all" women are attracted to complete assholes. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but really ladies?! You haven't been attracted to ONE guy who was actually a sweetheart? I think I've dated only one guy who was a complete dick, and since then I've avoided jerks like him. If you're constantly finding assholes, you're definitely doing something wrong.

    4. For serious! The quickest way for a man to become unattractive to me is if he's a dick. Ugh. I've known so many "hot" guys who acted like dipshits to me who weren't so hot after the fact. More accurate is the fact that I end up dating guys who seem like sweethearts, who after we're "official" show their true asshole colors.

      1. I have the same problem except the other way around sort of. I've dated a few girls that act really nice and everything I "want" them to be and then when we start dating they turn out to be completely different. also being the nice guy has gotten me one good friend and a lot of heart break sadly guys just find it easier to be that way. (not that I would ever stray down that path cause I'm not gonna get a lasting relationship out of being an asshole)

        1. I think it's essentially a "human nature" problem as opposed to a "guy" problem or "girl" problem. People can be dicks.

  10. Meh. He's clearly a damaged trust-fund Columbia drop out.

  11. … oh gosh. I love your comic, and I've been following it for a long while. I'm an art student with an obscure style, so your stuff really inspires me. Totally bought your Mini pack too!

  12. Go go gadget hackneyed gender stereotypes

    In other news! I like Eve's bandanna.

  13. Most people need to be attached to someone who treats them like crap as a learning experience. Those who keep going back to people who treat them in a negative fashion usually have not lesarned from previous examples. Not all women get hot over men who act like dicks. Jesus…now I want to burn my bra.

  14. I'm gonna say the revulsion is sincere.

  15. I, for one, like assholes. I am not attracted to sweethearts whatsoever. Oh hey everyone not all ladies are sad saps constantly being hurt by assholes! Some ladies like them. Some ladies keep dating them. Some ladies will never date them. And some people are really good at hiding that they are assholes! BAM! Real life is varied and sometimes unpredictable! Yay!

  16. I'd still like to know why Donovan's been trying to get out of his lease at this place. It seems like Eve & Hanek (Hanna + Marek) may be walking into a trap. But then, I'm probably just being paranoid.

    1. I was thinking the same thing especially after the "fuck no." IT'S A TRAP!

  17. Assholes have confidence. That's really the crux of the issue.

    I have no patience for nerdy dudes* who try to woo women by immediately turning into syrupy compliment machines and then, when this technique INEVITABLY fails, whine to their friends about how "women only like assholes." No. Your behavior is spineless and pathetic. Don't be afraid to be sarcastic with or playfully pick on an attractive girl.

    The reason a dude like Donovan impresses (some) women is because it is obvious that he is not desperate for anyone's approval. There are ways to give off this vibe without being an asshole, though.

    * Before all nerdy dudes across the board reflexively become offended, please note that I am posting to a webcomic's discussion thread; I am one of you, brothers. But seriously, fellow nerdy dudes, you have to cut this shit out. It's nauseating.

    1. Sure, we're a bunch of losers who collectively can't generate enough testosterone to grow a single ball, but it's OK for you to be that blunt with us because you're one of us. That's great, thanks.

      1. Somehow I don't get the impression that he was implying ALL nerdy guys do this – just advising that the ones who do ought to find a different approach, which, you know, would be GOOD ADVICE for someone like that. I used to be pretty well like Mr. B described, before I did a little growing up. The first time I read something like his advice was a real wake-up call, and I've found it much easier relating to women like they're people instead of something I believed deep in my heart to be unattainable and could only fawn over.

        Plus, dude, if you can't take that kind of bluntness, you're really kind of a tender flower. Everyone knows confidence is sexy and that's all he was really saying.

        "The reason a dude like Donovan impresses (some) women is because it is obvious that he is not desperate for anyone’s approval. There are ways to give off this vibe without being an asshole, though."


  18. Now that they have a new place, I wonder what they'll do for furniture? They kind of ran out of the old place without much.

  19. Say what you will about Donovan, but at least he acts like this because he genuinely doesn't like other people. There's plenty of people that act like that just to get more attention. (whether they do it consciously or not)

    And it's not just women that are attracted to jerks by the way. Lots of people of all sexes for some reason adore people that consistently act like total a-holes, like herd animals looking for their alpha.

    Unlike Eve though, those people generally don't even realise they're being treated like crap.

  20. Am I the only one who thinks he resembles a blonde park?? Maybe I group people with glasses together too easily..

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