#480 – so long

So I'm pretty sure this was a reaction to the 2011 England riots. I guess it still tracks that Marek would be scandalized by property damage in the news, though I've personally come to find that viewpoint naive. I digress, because this strip is really about self-satisfied political wonks, who have definitely not stopped being annoying since 2011. People at the time asked if I had a problem with taking investment bankers to task, or wanting Medicare. I just find this sort of gesture smug and impotent, and the rising power of the right has only cemented its ineffectiveness.

5 thoughts on “#480 – so long

  1. This is maybe my favorite single strip of OP, for reasons wholly unrelated to the comic's storyline. I love how silly it is and feel like it does a wonderful job of skewering self-important political expression. All the cultural details of our NPR loving fan, correct as he may be, feel right and I love it. Do you ever do prints of strips that aren't originals?

  2. Hahaha, the coexist sticker… All of those stickers, honestly.

  3. This fuckin' guy. I like to imagine that between his first and second appearance, he traveled the entire country making smug, unwanted interjections into conversations from the cafés of Columbus to the bars of Boulder, his copy of A People's History of the United States tucked under his arm and an aura of superiority emanating from his every utterance of the phrase "technically speaking…"

  4. I'm pretty sure this strip led to you being accused of Libertarianism in a comics review I read once. Which I always found hilarious.

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