#374 – goodbye circle

9 thoughts on “#374 – goodbye circle

  1. Love how they all have the same reaction in panel 3, then it diversifies by 5 when it's had time to sink in.

    1. Greg: Shock

      Chris: "Feel better"

      John: Justifiable pity

      Gwynneth: "Call me"

  2. Oh, God… please tell me that’s not hope on Greg’s face.

  3. I always feel like I'm the one observing those turtles, watching them leave.

  4. Panel 5: Greg has NO idea how to feel about this.

    (wykstrad: I suspect hope is one of the conflicting emotions, but I would figure guilt about feeling hope is another, and feeling bad for Park/Eve another… after all, the previous parts of this episode made it clear that he does genuinely like Park… and holy moly I am seeing all this in a cartoon person making googly eyes. WELL DONE, Meredith. Damn.)

    I am also touched that John seems seriously upset. That is so sweet, given that he doesn't even know these people that well.

  5. I've probably seen the word 'awkward' right here in this arc more than I have in any one place ever before. But it works. This whole arc is awkward and great.

  6. Awkward storyline is awkwardly awesome in it's awkwardness!

    1. Awkward superfluous apostrophe is also awkward. 😛

      (Its = possessive pronoun; It's = contraction of "It is")

  7. One more chance, is she gonna do it?!

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