#373 – moon checkers

16 thoughts on “#373 – moon checkers

  1. The saddest thing

  2. Wow, did Park get this episode's Lesson from an animatronic alien?

  3. The absurdity and wackiness of this strip really make the soul-crushing poignancy a little easier to take, but also that much more depressing.

    Great job, Meredith!

  4. I totally felt it…

    …right up till you zoomed out and I saw the pizza on the big aliens butt.

  5. I just lost it. Just now.

    1. Are you sure you even had it to begin with? (j/k!)

  6. There are no words for how heartwrenching it can be to revisit your childhood. And after what just happened with Eve, he really needed a hug.

    Weird choice, though. But hey, it's his night!

  7. Somehow, even Azzip knows how awkward this is.

  8. Man, I just realized that all this time, Eve is probably amazingly uncomfortable.

  9. i mightve accidentally sat on your pizza…

    hagrid sitting on harrys bday cake?

    … next page we find out parks actually a wizard.

  10. I love Eve's face in that last panel! So painful!

  11. Damn. :'/

    I know there have been several of these moments in OP already, and a couple of 'em came pretty close, but this is the one that finally did it. I'm glad there's no one around right now to see my face.

    Simply masterful, Meredith. Ya got me.

    P.S. LOVE the comic. Please keep it going as long as humanly possible.

  12. don't trust the animatronics!!!

  13. And two strips later, I can't even be mad at this guy

  14. Everyone's got that awkward moment look on their face in that last panel

  15. Mmmmm….Pizza!

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