#351 – whoa whoa whoa

14 thoughts on “#351 – whoa whoa whoa

  1. Who IS this dude? I thought he might be Manuel, dreaming about being a hipster in Brooklyn (instead of being a cat ~ ). But I'm thinking… not. Victor? Was there a contest to be featured in OP that I missed?

    So many questions, this raises!

  2. "When I tried to tell people about myself, they told me I was boring. So I stopped talking and started listening to people, and became fascinating overnight."

    -Scott Adams

    1. i get the joke now.

      thank you.

  3. omg, my names Victor. I loved this storyline since the first panel

  4. is that Requiem for a Dream in the first panel?

    if so, why isn't the dude breaking down in tears?

    1. Ha, glad I'm not the only one who thought that!

    2. Victor is too relaxed to cry.

  5. geeze i keep reading this arc over and over and it gets better and better!!

    She wasn't even sure what his name is!!!

  6. That is probably my favorite Hanna face ever, there in panel 6. And that's a hard thing to decide on!

  7. Ha I would feel so horrible watching Requiem and smoking

  8. honus honus?

  9. Whoa! Wait up. How do we know he is actually named, Victor? Do we ever hear him call himself victor?

  10. "Your name's Victor, right?"

    "As long as I have muffins, why not?"

  11. I like how he's watching Requiem for a Dream. Good taste, that man.

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