#350 – movie monday

13 thoughts on “#350 – movie monday

  1. Marek wins. Also- DUCK PAJAMAS

    spiritually valuable duck pajamas? we'll see ! DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN

    1. Ducjamas.

      Or Duckjamas.

    2. Intersting Beaver

      Yeah, but are they ducks or rabbits???

  2. I like how Marek

    puts his clothes on

    by installments.

    1. haha but he only puts on pjs and a jacket lol

  3. Don't take it! That was his crotch scratching hand.

  4. I can't help but think that MArek's pants have a Reginald-from-Nedroid design on them.

  5. I would like to state that I consider wearing pajamas outside the home immoral and irresponsible. My disposition toward Marek just got lowered by several notches.

    1. Duck pants, boxer briefs and leather jacket – if that's all you need to face the world you're in a good way.

    2. Well, I can understand thinking it odd to do this, but…

      …don't you think 'immoral' is a bit intense? I'll give you irresponsible, though.

  6. The Prolific Mr. Ano

    Well, they're hipsters. You have to remember that when things like this happen, Khosatral.

  7. Can't say I've never gone to class dressed exactly like that before.

  8. Marek=Cookie Monster. I LOVE HIM! He's soft and cozy!

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