#346 – this ruins everything

12 thoughts on “#346 – this ruins everything

  1. Oh god, Hanna going from adorable happy to adorable sad is more heartbreaking than that story.

  2. You silly little dreamer…

  3. Hrm… am I the only one that still finds them horribly brilliant after looking into it? Do feel sorry for the girls.

    And indeed, Hanna's face is like emotion incarnate. Like if a puppy and an emoticon shebanged up a kiddy together.

  4. D:

  5. Where's Hanna's mouse and keyboard?

    1. It's an ILLLUUUUSIOON.

      God, its like the Jackson Five. Sad stuff. Hanna sad = Me 🙁

    2. In case you didn't read the alt text, Hanna's computer is old. So old that it uses punch cards and doesn't reflect images onto the user's face

  6. when i finished reading this…i re-read it thinking of the song "In the arms of an angel" makes it WAY SADDER!!! Dont do it people!!

  7. Considering your apparent success (perhaps more akin to 'recognizable' than 'ass-grabbingly wealthy'), my praise is somewhat moot; however, you should know that I spent my Christmas dancing in the dark to mix-tapes, eating what may be the last Fruit By The Foot of my life, and reading your comic.

    This has been your one sentence review. …Crap!

  8. lesson for this comic strip: don't listen to fortune tellers 🙂

  9. Wow, that bit of history makes My Pal Foot Foot immensely less funny in hindsight…

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