#345 – tk tk tk

10 thoughts on “#345 – tk tk tk

  1. re: the alt text. Stars & Nature. I don't even own a cellphone.

  2. I'm stuck in the city for now, so wooo: cell reception.

  3. In the first panel, that line on Eve's face could be seen as her nose or her mouth. This makes her expression either sly satisfaction or disgruntled boredom.

  4. Except Eve never smiles…. so it's clearly her nose.

  5. haha! ALF

    1. THANK YOU. i was hoping i wasn't the only one who noticed that and found it hilarious lol

  6. No cell phone reception ==> the murderer is about to strike.

  7. HA! My nickname is TK, this made my day 😀

  8. Was she seriously thinking about walking back home over some crap music? Lol

    1. No. If you read the alt-text, it explains all you need to know. She's debating going for a walk or staying at the house and using her phone, because if she goes for a walk she'll get no reception.

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