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  1. WAIT


    1. I agree, seeing Will's shaving actually keep is weird.

    2. Sorry for my apparent out-of-nowhere shock, but this was the first comic of the new story to come up on my RSS so this was where I realized that there WAS a new story. And also a baby?!

  2. I was both Eve and Will. Both the one anguished at the imminent "death" of the person I had been all my life and the people we had been as a couple and the one amazed at how my partner took such hardship in stride (in addition to having to deal with my increasing panic).

    For any non-parent wondering about this, it's a very real and very valid fear, and one is not talked much about. You absolutely cannot keep being the people you were once you have a kid. It's not an exaggeration, it's not a challenge. It simply the realization that all your life you have been living in function of your wants and needs… and all of a sudden, you simply /can't/ do that anymore. There's just no time/energy/brain left for that. You'll become a different person. A better person, (if you apply yourself to not let frustration and exhaustion make you bitter or cynic) but not the same one. Proceed with caution.

  3. Same here!!! It took me a moment to notice the "#30" … wth is wrong with my feedly that i missed this new story starting!? But im delighted to find it either way ?

  4. Spencer Jean-Louis

    I like how Will is a physical-newspaper kind of guy in 2021.

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