3 thoughts on “#29

  1. an intimately relatable feeling, the sudden panic and fatalising, especially during the pandemic where everything feels so much less certain… it's great to be on this journey with Eve, reminds me how around the same time I was pregnant with my first, David Willis's wife was pregnant with his twins, and so it felt like I got special pregnancy updates about my experiences from Joyce and Walky. Doing it all over again with Eve here!

  2. The red doesn't quite have the same impact as the red in Schindler's List but I'll take it

  3. I know it's been months since this page went up, but it's 4:22 in the morning and I'm reading the new stuff that I didn't know was here and I feel compelled to leave a mark…

    Reading the page and crying because I do what Eve's doing, and it keeps breaking my heart. Crying because I've missed this and all of you so much and didn't realize that here was still a place.

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