#298 – puppy chasers

I was very eager at this time to make single-width ink lines work for me. It just never really happened. I'm not a relaxed inker. My hand has a death grip, squeezing with tension. And my drawings are rarely a sculpture from the inside, as I wish they would be. To choose a concise line, to commit to a form just never aligned right in my brain. I just don't long for it anymore though, since those lines are kinda 2000s-y and and played out now. Now I just wish I could paint landscapes.

3 thoughts on “#298 – puppy chasers

  1. Aww, Eve is so cute here!

  2. As I recall, toward the end of the strip, you did some stunning landscapes as backgrounds. Don't sell yourself short!

  3. "Do you think this is a mother fucking game?!"

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