#291 – frugal haze

It takes a special kind of character to properly address the public. Sorry for the semi-4th-wall-break. I generally don't like them either.

22 thoughts on “#291 – frugal haze

  1. I don't even viewing it as breaking the 4th wall. I see that character as talking out into space about getting high, because he is that messed up.

    1. That would explain why Marigold looks so freaked out.

  2. I guess dirt weed's better than no weed. 🙂

  3. Heh, now even Will has to deal with cash-strapped customers, unconcerned with quality. 😀

    And, like Marigold, I too am thinking of quitting my job – even though doing so would be foolish, bordering on lunacy.

  4. "Who that?" I love that line.

  5. "In these uncertain times" I can't afford the good hookers.

  6. Panel # 8 = story of my life right now

    1. You and me both, haha.

  7. I thought it was a PSA: "…and that's One to Grow On!"

  8. In these uncertain times, we cant afford a 4th wall.

  9. With the acknowledged distaste for breaking the fourth wall used to frame the rejection of the premium marijuana, and this storyline being kicked-off by Marigold sitting disappointed as her rejected air-scenter was freshening her cigarette smoke, there seems to be a theme of the banality inherent in progress. Sort of like a Lou Reed song. The shopping contest was sort of like that too. Maybe this whole strip is like that.

    1. In my eyes, the basic theme of Octopus Pie is the (mostly unsuccessful) struggle to not have your youthful dreams and ideals crushed by the grind of adult life. It's totally deep!

      1. The theme I observed seems to be a "why" for the thematic "what" you've referred to.

  10. What are you talking about? When used tastefully and appropriately: fourth wall breaks are hilarious! Much like in this strip :D. I also have to say that the Transcendentalist pun in the last strip made my day!

  11. The (presumably) fourth-wall breaking of "Blam! Topical" in 206 (Rock Iguana) is one of my favorite moments in the strip.

  12. Any idea if Book 1 is shipping with books 2 and 3 yet?

  13. Hooray for addressing the readers! There are very similar sentiments up here in VT as well.

  14. "MARIGOLD! GET THE FUCK UP HERE" is my favorite line. made me laugh bunches

  15. I think, of all the appropriate times to break the fourth wall, you did it in a wonderful way.

  16. Reminds me of the old freak brothers poster.

  17. Hmmm….I've always enjoyed the destruction of the 4th wall. It just makes me feel like the characters are more real and I feel more involved in what's going on. It's like giving a head nod to a passing stranger. All the great Steven Spielberg cartoons of the early 90's did it and I loved every moment. Perhaps it's just a since of nostalgia for me =/

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