#290 – milk man

Friday's color strip got a very positive reaction! Thanks for the nice comments. The strip is, in fact, for sale in the store along with a few other recent inked pages. I'm currently restructuring the way originals are sold - they are now available for a lower price, without the matting overlays (which were quite fancy, but proved to be a lot of time-consuming and expensive custom work). Pages will be added to the store page regularly. Feel free to subscribe to the original art store feed to be notified of new additions. OR if there's a strip in particular you'd really like to purchase, you may request it through e-mail.

24 thoughts on “#290 – milk man

  1. Lookin' good. "A sexy fuckin' milk man." should be on a t-shirt. IMO.

    1. i would buy AND wear that shirt.

    2. You look like Kevin Pereira.

  2. Aw, I guess that's why it's taken my order so long to head out. Well, I look forward to the final results!

  3. Ah yes, home delivery. Back when Half Baked came out I thought it was just a myth. You truly are living in some kind of utopia.

    1. Where I'm from, if you ask nicely they will pick up chinese take out and candy on the way over.

    2. I'm not in NY, but most people drop stuff off. How else would you do it? People can't just stream in and out of the man's house all day.

  4. The milk man is back – in a new light!

  5. Ah, yes, the ever-elusive milkweed man.

    1. Delivering highly poisonous monarch butterfly food right to your door.

  6. wait…is will the dogwalker? cause that would be awesome.

  7. Made me think of the pizza-guy-dealer. You don't have to order anything special from the place, you just have to ask any stoner lookin delivery guy if he's got anythin else.

    I love New York

  8. If anyone else was unfamiliar with this awesome New York custom, here is a great article on how one of the biggest services operated before it was busted back in '05:


  9. weird! I never had a strip where I was familiar with every new york reference before. EVEN the bodies under Washington Square Park!

    1. Dude! That's exactly what I came here to say. LOL

  10. The mini-cartoon in panel 8 delights me endlessly.

  11. That's a disturbing factoid about Washington Park… from whence does that hail, pray tell?

    Glad to see the server's kicked into gear, too!

  12. i want the milk man to deliver my milk

    in the mornin

    i want the milk man to deliver my milk

    when i'm yawnin

    i would like some milk from the milk man's wife's tits

    Milk Man – Aphex Twin


  13. Bonus points for sticking STRAND in your comic.

  14. Oh my goodness THAT’S BRILLIANCE.
    Just do it at your own house!
    I’m amazed that I never thought that before. And here I thought people always have to go somewhere sneaky for it.

  15. Which is worse; 18 miles of jerks, or only jerks every 18 miles?

  16. Most dealers where I live do home delivery. As long as they have a car.

    My brother once had a dealer that drove us to the hardware store (We were building an arbour). He even offered to transport the wood in his car. Haaa <3

  17. wiiiiiiillllllll. you're making me gush.

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