#280 – the salad days

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15 thoughts on “#280 – the salad days

  1. Wow! I totally thought the storyline was over! And I think I forgot something – what's got Hannah so upset?

  2. All right! World tour! Do it!

  3. They're eating Eve and Mor's "winnings" (and maybe Hannah is baking using them?) and apparently Hannah's not a fan of eating/using nothing but cheap-o organic groceries. My take, anyway.

  4. I might actually buy this book!
    I would love to see the cover of volume three (where Eve is on the roof of the car) made into a wallpaper, though… Just a request, of course!

  5. Not fluffy enough, not flaky enough, and not croissant enough for Hannah, this produce.
    Maybe she’s between dealers?

  6. Marek shaved his beard again! Last time we saw him he had one.

    1. Hmmm… and I'm about to shave mine. How odd.

  7. Maybe Hannah is still upset bout the whole Valentine's Day thing? Don't think that was ever resolved….

  8. *snerk* Eve reacts to being ganged up on (upon?) the same way I do.

    Also: Sorry for going off-topic, but the two BOASAS ads under the lower-right corner of the strip are different colours, and have this groovy 3D effect when looked at cross-eyed.

  9. Look at the date on which Mer posted the strip. Could it be that Hanna is ticked because the greens she’s working with aren’t her preferred type for the date in question? Those would be her “secret ingredient” greens, right?

  10. I think Hannah’s grumpy because it was 4/20 and she wasn’t baked to the point that she couldn’t bake. It’s OK Hannah, we took hits for you.

  11. Kate Beaton pose in panel 7!

  12. Last frame Eve totally reminds me of KC Green… and Kate Beaton, lmao. I love it 😀

  13. What is Hanna upset over? Isn't this supposed to be her favorite day?

  14. Aw, poor mor. He just wants to be on a team with his big sis.

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