#279 – coupon wizard

I know I've been posting these a bit late. There are 2 reasons for this - 1) I've been on the west coast, and 2) my sleep/work schedule has been largely thrown off by all the travel. So I hope you'll forgive me until next week when I'm back in my office! Then everything will be right again. This is the longest trip I've taken since I've been an Adult With Responsibilities. I'm very much looking forward to being home. But first: STUMPTOWN!!! Look for me this weekend at Booth 37 with my booth buddy and homeboy Aaron Diaz of Dresden Codak infamy.

50 thoughts on “#279 – coupon wizard

  1. this is amazing, it totally made my day

  2. EPIC WIN! This is totally going to get my weekend off on the right foot!

  3. LOVe the Pinball Wizard homage.

  4. Absolutely fantastic comic today – and the basket smash in the last panel is epic. This has been such an awesome story line!!

  5. WOW!

    This is the greatest page EVER.

    Also, the bassist has Hannah legs.

    1. Those are just the skinny jeans I guess.

  6. Most awesomest OP ever! I swear I could hear Pete Townshend's guitar riff at the end.

    1. I grabbed my guitar and PLAYED that riff after reading this!

  7. I have a crush on the girl in the bleachers (blush)

    Late, schmate, this one's great! Happy travels, MG!

  8. I love this page SO MUCH.

    SO MUCH!

    1. I agree. When it comes to this strip ther are Many times I've liked, many times I've read, many times I've wondered how much there is to know. 😀

  9. hey, im just wondering why you didnt accept my comment on dar in the dar post? it says its still in moderation and other peoples comments after mine have already been accepted, its just another opinion, is all.. anyway, you obviously dont have to get back to me, and im pretty sure this comment wont be accepted either, id just like to know is all.

    1. It wasn't approved because it was both anonymous and mean-spirited.

      1. … is all.

  10. This… whole thing, is the best thing I've read since Supermega. The worst part of today has been reaching the end of your archives.

  11. Absolutely epic. The who fits perfectly with the fond memories this storyline has drawn up.

  12. Gah! The creators of two of my favorite webcomics in one place! Why can't I live closer to Portland?

    Now that I have that out of the way, love the reference. Pinball Wizard's one of my favorite songs. And the "Check ME out!" sign is awesome

  13. Everything fades out in a montage!

    GREAT page.

  14. oh. I needed that. Thanks!

  15. So, it's like a shaggy dog story. I used to love to tell shaggy dog stories when I was drunk. There was one that ended "I left my harp in Sam's Clam Disco" that I liked, but it's only funny to drunk people. This is a much better pay off.

  16. I wanna chime in with the praise for this page, but also want to say that as a musician I find the way the strapless guitars hang in the air in front of the players really disconcerting

  17. YES! Best strip ever! I am definitely showing it to all my non-OP-reading friends, even though they won't understand why being a coupon wizard is so cool. Thank you Meredith Gran!!!

  18. How did I not know Eve was Chinese? I guess that shows how observant I am. I should probably read cast pages more clearly.


    Octopus Pie has been my favorite webcomic for a while now but THIS PUT IT OVER THE EDGE!

    KEEP ON!

  20. Stuff of legend!

    Much kudos.

  21. I… I find myself headbanging…

    And I can actually hear the bass riff in my head….

    This is what Miss Mer's brilliance frequently does to me.

  22. Well, I'm quite impressed. This is the most enthusiastic I've ever seen Jacob.

    Fantastic story, Meredith!

  23. Brilliant! My favorite OP so far. However, SoHo *down* to Yonkers?!

  24. Oh man! I saw you at Stumptown today! I literally gasped from excitement! It was awesome that you and Aaron shared a table as well. Both of you create amazing stuff.

    I'm immensely enjoying the three volumes I bought from you! 🙂


    Even the scansion was great. I doff my hat to you.


  26. Ok, I was having a really bad day and wanted to vomit my rage at the world. Then I pulled up this page. I didn't get it at first, and then I started laughing until my ribs hurt.

    Thank you for the wonderful moment.

  27. DAR is the best recommendation of anything on the web I have had in a long time. Thanks, MG! Went well back into 2008 without meaning to but it's a great addition to my online reading (and eventually my library).

  28. For a moment I felt that I had a friend here with me in my lonely, empty apartment.

    Then I realized I was just reading Octopus Pie.

  29. You have successfully mixed two of my biggest loves – this comic and The Who. For this, I want to bear your children.

  30. … you had me at the first line…

    … lovely stuff Meredith!

  31. you win for this.

  32. This is the BEST.

    I love the Who, but…I may just love your comic more.

  33. I think I’m sadly out of the loop on the song, but it doesn’t change how much I like this page!

    There’s also something I have to ask about. A while back you said you were looking for an intern, and I’m currently in need of getting a summer internship for my sequential arts major. I really want to know if the position’s still open, or if not, if you have any suggestions.

  34. I've been following this comic for a while now. When I found it, I spent hours going through the archive; it's so addictive!

    Anyway, just had to comment to let you know those lyrics fit to a T, my mind supplied the right beat and voice as I read them. *Lol* Best page ever~

    On a side note, I'd like to mention that as I read the comic, I subconsciously likened Hanna to Amy Poehler in Baby Mama but with the voice she uses as Bessie Higgenbottom. Weird, huh?

  35. This… is perfect. Love it, love it, love it!

  36. absolutely friggin’ awesome comic. this makes the grocery arc the best story arc you’ve every done. amazing conclusion… now we just need to find a solid band to record the tune….

  37. She runs like a madman
    Works those squeaky wheels
    Goes through all the aisles
    A cannonball that squeals
    She plays by intuition
    Knows price tags by heart
    That frumpy Chinese girl

    1. High-five for you, Iaman. Simply perfect.

  38. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA CART WIZARD!!!! ah, the who. wondrous. and who would've known mr. standoffish could sing! 😀

  39. Met you at Stumptown, fun fun fun, and yet…way too hot, who knew Portland would bring out the sunshine for the fest? lol, enjoying the books, thanks for being so nice 🙂

  40. sheer awesomeness. <3

  41. Up until the the last panel, I was hearing Wreckless Eric's version of "Whole Wide World". I think it was the "Ever since I was a young boy" beginning. Maybe I'm just inclined to think of that song first even though I do like the Who (seen Quadrophenia TWICE. That's love or self-hate). It pretty much fits, too.

  42. YES. Just… YES. Nice Pete Townshend reference with the dude bashing the shopping basket. Just thinking of this song.

    Great layout, well done.

    This just gets better.

    And better.

  43. yesssssssssssss

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