#270 – fruitopia

Fruitopia is still sold in Canada. Bless my neighbor to the north and their deep understanding of the 90s. I think I subconsciously/consciously tried to make Eve look like the unabomber here? I'm not sure why! I don't know!

5 thoughts on “#270 – fruitopia

  1. Spring is just hot winter, Hanna!

  2. Oh man, fruitopia. I used those as water bottles all the time, so it still feels weird to not have an empty bottle lying around

  3. I got to this arc just as I discovered episodes of Supermarket Sweep in YouTube. And they are A W K W A R D.

  4. man, that venture brothers reference
    funny, since I am reading the dev-com re-upload of octopu spie at the same time as re-watching that show
    love them both :]

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