#257 – uncool enough

This one on the other hand came out nice. As I became ever more confident with brush control, I had more room to experiment with open panels and B&W balance. The climb continues!

7 thoughts on “#257 – uncool enough

  1. It's official. We have alt text ladies and gentlemen.

  2. so… at what point are we gonna talk about marigold's white girl dreads?

    1. I’m guessing the choice was just a product of its time, and less about critically thinking about the implications of racial/cultural appropriation

  3. Yes, nice balance of open, negative, and neutral space here!

  4. As much as Marek likes ducks, this storyline has me wondering if he should alter his dream to adopting lots of asthmatic kittens. He clearly cares deeply about the plight of the kittens.

  5. just going to let y'all know that this is where the hover text begins!

    1. You're the best, gkq

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