#254 – going downtown

Aww the iconography of a MetroCard. I really enjoy the pacing and layout and goofy art in this one, and Eve's (ongoing) innate sense that she's being judged for her attraction. I don't know what I was thinking with that weird guy.

5 thoughts on “#254 – going downtown

  1. It's not your looks, Eve, some dicks are just never meant to touch.

  2. dat last panel charles schultz "AUGH"

  3. Aging in a very Seinfeldian manner, today she could have simply Uber’d home.

    Weird guy would have been the driver tho.

    1. Well, you could write a thing around that where Uber doesn't work due to no funds on card.

      1. Too broke for Uber, no cell signal, no cell charge, no cell funds, being ethically opposed to a business that makes people go broke for the privilege of working for them, awful past experiences, it's one of the easiest modern conveniences there are to make your characters not have access to.

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