#253 – eggs in one basket and a fine kettle of fish

It was once pointed out to me that Eve and Will look kind of small here, like children in the booths. I wish that was intentional because it really kind of works to the theme's advantage, but I was just figuring out scaling in those days, don't ya know.

9 thoughts on “#253 – eggs in one basket and a fine kettle of fish

  1. There goes Will's veganism! Or maybe he was just lying the whole time?

  2. Considering that Park cheated on Eve during their first relationship and lied to her about it for years makes this comic pretty heartbreaking in retrospect. Not throwing Park under the bus; kids who go off to different colleges tend not to stay together for very long. And you've got to go through a lot of growing to learn to be honest and face the consequences. Our protagonists here are fucking up, even! But it's sad to think that Eve solely blamed herself for losing Park when he had a hand in it, too.

  3. I'm not American and English is not my native language… What's with the fish and the eggs? Is it normal to ask for that? Is it a joke?

    1. Both of those orders are English idioms.

    2. 'To have all your eggs in one basket' means putting all your hopes into a single (fallible) thing, such that if you lose at all, you'll lose everything at once. 'A fine kettle of fish' is a huge mess.

  4. This is also the strip that seems to prove Will is not, or no longer, a vegan!

  5. I like how the unusually high table forces those poses.

    Those expressions in the second and fourth panels are so great. And I love how Will's expression could sort of imply that he doesn't believe what Eve is saying.

  6. Will is eating a _lot_ in this scene

  7. I wouldn't be surprised if there's really an ironic restaurant that makes literal metaphor dishes. Not in New York.

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