#213 – the passenger

I do wish I was any good at hand-lettering when I wrote out those lyrics - I should've at least tried. They deserve to have a different kind of voice to them. Anyway no, I never got permission to use any of this moving on.

10 thoughts on “#213 – the passenger

  1. I just realized that Skate-Wings are, in fact, not a roller-skating accessory, but actually a marine adjacent to buffalo wings.

    I mean I'd try it but expectations are low.

  2. All this time I thought 'skate wings' was some kinda rad product that helps you fly. But no, it's fried fish. All the signs were there. I'm learning so much from this OP re-run!

    1. I always imagined 'skate wings' were some kind of inflatable you attach to skates and was wondering why the crowd was nomming on them and why a roller skate accessory would be described as 'delicious' on the sign. I think it was one of those things where my initial image was so horrifically wrong that I ignored all evidence to the contrary.

  3. This evening is spirulina out of control

  4. It always confused me that the sign says skake. And, you know, it still does.

  5. I only just noticed the sign says "delicious SKAKE wings"… so close yet so far

  6. Eve's got a very Ramona Flowers-type look in this scene.

  7. I love the misspelled "Delicious Skake Wings" sign behind Olly–one more thing that went out of his control.

  8. Hang on, that banner…Skake wings?

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