#212 – time to get stupid

I purposely had Eve rotate from left to right in the lower tier, as a way of cheating the 180 degree rule. I'm proud of it now, I think it almost creates a rotating camera effect. The final panel is of course a reference to the cover of Raw Power. I still haven't found that LP non-reissued for cheap anywhere.

3 thoughts on “#212 – time to get stupid

  1. Shuffles over to Discogs to check out the price statistics for the original US issue of Raw Power. Yow. Even the 1976 reissue is a bit much, especially taking into account the lesser quality of late 70s pressings.

  2. That rotation is very well done. Very cinematic

  3. You're in luck! It was reissued on double vinyl in 2012, from the looks of things. Going relatively cheap: https://www.discogs.com/Iggy-And-The-Stooges-Raw-

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