#209 – no control whatsoever

This is probably my LEAST FAVORITE PAGE EVER!!! I drew it on a wobbly surface in my lap in my sister's dorm room in Boston, it took like 3x as long as a well-drawn page, and it's just.... awful. Don't defend me in the comments, I won't have it. Bad. It only pushes the story along a bit, so for years I have accepted it. NO LONGER. This shit has to stop. I deserve nothing I have.

7 thoughts on “#209 – no control whatsoever

  1. Eve's smiles are so pretty!

  2. As requested, I won't defend you, but I do think the joke in panels 7-8 is pretty funny.

  3. I kinda like how terrible he looks in the last panel, like a Simpsons character dislocating its jaw to eat a cow. Otherwise, yeah, it's really non-dynamic compared to your usual stuff. We all have bad days!

  4. This strip did make me briefly think of Olly as a more profane Mr. Krabs, so there's that.

  5. The last panel redeems it.

  6. I dunno, I'm just enjoying all of the Eve expressions here

  7. Sure, the layout is what it is, but without it we wouldn't have the valuable dialogue and character development. Who knew Olly was actually an exploitative yet relatably desperate and self-aware employer?

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