#205 – real lucky

8 thoughts on “#205 – real lucky

  1. When'd she get a new bike?

  2. I don't know why, but I love her face in the first panel.

  3. Oh for…Man!
    If Meredith purposely did that, I've read this page several times + didn't see the joke in the Name, "Joe Lucky".
    Joe lucky aka Yo is lucky, meaning: You is lucky, [You is lucky to be in this "titty bar" + gentlemen's club].
    I could kick myself for not seeing that before. But I REALLY, really like that joke. 🙂

    1. Maybe reading too much into it.

      1. That could be.
        But I like the idea, anyhow. 😀

        1. It could be Joe Mama. Just sayin its a possibility.

        2. Well, if it [was] “My Mama”, then she’s way [cooler] than I thought!

  4. A topless bar called ‘Muffintops’?

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