#191 – deserving of grace

Panel 7 Bert is making a classic pre-emoji emoji that died in its time (RIP). Does anybody remember what this face was called? Sound off in the comments!

11 thoughts on “#191 – deserving of grace

  1. It was :awesome: on the Something Awful forums, I believe.

  2. Ah yes, I believe you are referring to the “awesome face” emoji, otherwise known as the elusive “Epic Smiley”, a forum dwelling icon popularized by the likes of SomethingAwful and other such pre-reddit image/discussion boards.

    *adjusts monocle*

    1. Hey, SomethingAwful forums still exist! Despite Lowtax's increasing medical debts, somehow.

    2. Awesome face is still awesome never die

    3. A guy I knew defined Awesomeface as "I am so disdainful right now that it is like a kind of ecstasy."

  3. "Awesome face", apparently.

  4. It's an older meme sir, but it checks out.

  5. It's awesome face! With the ??‍?? emoji!

  6. I love this one. The last panel just perfectly conveys a particular character-level personality type and meta-level authorial take on said personality type and it makes me smile fractally

  7. Seems no one remembers what it was called…

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