#190 – temper

And maybe Will's introductory little bit of therapy.

5 thoughts on “#190 – temper

  1. Makes me wonder how fake Will's "Fake Tough Guy" act really was (http://www.octopuspie.com/2008-04-07/130-jelly/). I mean, he was obviously faking it with Eve, but… Or maybe this is his Fake Tough Guy thing really getting to him and becoming more than an act? I dunno.

  2. Will's face in the last panel is probably the craziest facial expression in the whole comic. Second place goes to duck-chasing Marek.

    1. Channeling Boulet a bit

  3. This is without a doubt my personal favourite and most memorable moment in the comic, somehow (though there are many others). Something about this exchange just fills me with snickers.

  4. Hohohoho…wing chun sun fist…

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