#174 – kind broham

I went to a ren fair with my friend Randy Milholland, to try and understand how these things worked. Truthfully it gave me very little understanding of the renaissance OR fairs. But we did drink mead out of those little 2-piece plastic cups, and I saw a lot of men who'd have no problem getting in a fight.

5 thoughts on “#174 – kind broham

  1. Hey in the archives version of this comic ( http://www.octopuspie.com/2008-07-25/174-kind-bro… ), someone mentioned a punchline change for the print edition. Care to elaborate? 🙂

    1. For reference:
      Web: "Just curious – did we pack any *armaments*?"
      Print: "I think I just sealed my fate over an insult I didn't *understand*."

    2. Last panel, Will says "I think I just sealed my fate over an insult I didn't understand" instead, which strikes me as a lateral move humor-wise, but does better replicate the experience of reading Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in Middle English.

      1. thanks, yo

  2. I never noticed before that Will snaps his drink stem! Hilarious detail!:D

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