#166 – brick wall

What a kindly police officer. Was he meant to look a little like Kris Straub? I don't think so. But it has definitely Occurred to Me.

3 thoughts on “#166 – brick wall

  1. So if that's Kris Straub, is the other cop Jerry Holkins?

  2. Saw Kris today at PAX. I see it.

  3. This kind of thing would never go over today. Having a Black hip-hop artist dare a Chinese American woman to initiate frivolous contact with the police while smelling of cannabis? Insanely reckless. The officer who shot Philando Castile later claimed that he feared for his life because he "smelled marijuana". If police will arrest you for speaking in their presence (as has been happening recently), what abuses could they justify against a woman of color who asked them a direct question while stoned? The whole situation reeks of white privilege and callous insensitivity to the perils of interacting with cops.

    A simpler time, back then, maybe? I don't believe it. Only explanation I can come up with is that someone in the group knew these cops personally and knew they could take a joke. Still boggles my mind, though, the ignorance of this particular strip.

    Rest of the strip is amazing — just not this particular bit.

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